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Plexus Ambassador Opportunities:

Our Plexus Ambassadors are real women and real men, with real families, working to make a real difference. You make it happen. Plexus has proven products, a unique compensation plan and tons of training and support.

Get Paid Doing Something You Love | Help People by Changing Lives | Have Lots of Fun.

This is your business. Your way. You can make it happen!

I’m Stacy Connelly –

I am glad you’re considering Plexus. Men and women from all over the world have discovered these products and have benefited greatly from them. Now, most importantly, I invite you to shop Plexus with a different mind-set than what you may have had.

For instance, if you’re searching the web because you heard about one of our products, and you’ve decided to do your due-diligence… well good for you. But, if you are purely looking for some place where you can buy Plexus Slim®, you should consider first learning about all of the our products and how they can help. You may purchase any product through me (I’ll bet you guessed it), but you really should become aware of what your body needs before you begin experimenting. Give me a call, and we can chat.

Plexus Products and Reviews

There are many Plexus reviews out there (both good and bad), to help you make an informed decision about these wonderful supplements. However, you should make your informed decision before you jump in. Competitors are working hard to take business away from Plexus, and they’ll say anything to steer your to their direction.


You’ll find varying opinions out there, so be sure to check with your doctor. I did. He or she will know the benefits of Probiotics (as an example) and may be able to offer more advice to address your particular health needs. I’m sure there are probably Plexus reviews by doctors which you can find here on the web as well.

Some Plexus products are better known than others, and likely more commonly sampled— unfortunately, for a very short time. Understand this, your body needs time to begin feeling the effects of any multi-vitamin, probiotic or supplement. Results won’t happen over night. People tend to look for a quick fix to a health problem, which simply doesn’t exist.

Prepare a Health Plan

In short, you should not consider jumping into Plexus products for 30 days or less, and expect to “feel something”. Just don’t waste your money or time. Now… some do feel their body adjusting, but most don’t. Of course, we’re all different, with different makeups. Your body won’t likely change over night. Join us with the knowledge and understanding that you’ll need to give Plexus time.

Shop Plexus

When and if you decide that you’re ready to go all-in with Plexus, it’s time to get your first shipment. Plexus Triplex or ‘Pink Drink’ could be considered the flagship product of the company, but there are so many other supplements to consider. We’re going to educate you before you shop. What we need to do, is to work together to narrow down your search, and prepare a plan. We, as Plexus Ambassadors, are here to help. A simple phone call may answer a lot of your questions. Education is key—I don’t expect you to buy anything. I only ask for a chance to point you in the right direction. Call and ask for Stacy (580) 304-6994. I also reply to every text!

What’s Different About Me

I believe I’m different than most of the other ‘sales people’ you may find online. Hype, is just not my forte´. In fact, I’m not a salesperson at all! I could never convince anyone to buy anything! But, I do believe in these products. What’s different about me, and different about the products, is that I want to prove myself to you, and I want the products to prove themselves to you… the same way that they’ve proven themselves to me. This is the real deal.

Something to Consider

Selling Plexus products may help you pay for your own products, and you’ll be helping someone else along the way. Take a look at these wonderful products and click through to the company website to learn more. Better yet, let’s get started together with a plan that fits you best!

Come join me. I’ll see you on the other side 🙂




If you haven’t already found me on Facebook, Come to my Facebook page and hang out with us. Text me at 580.304.6994 with any questions you might have about the health benefits of Plexus®.  You’ll probably learn a lot from my Facebook group, and get to meet people with similar interests.