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The Best Probiotic For Gut Health

Did you know that most of the U.S. population experience dysbiosis, signified by an unhealthy gut? Dysbiosis (also called dysbacteriosis) is a term for a microbial imbalance or maladaptation on or inside the body, such as an impaired microbiota. Balancing your gut is vital if you want to feel better overall. We’ve already learned that probiotics are essential, now lets discuss which probiotics are best for you.

Our own Plexus ProBio 5 helps weed out your gut by maintaining yeast balance and restoring a healthy gut environment. But, we’re just scratching the surface. Did you know that there are so many more benefits? Read on…

Let’s talk about depression. Depression is the world’s leading cause of disability, affecting more than 200 million people globally. Patients suffering from depression often experience significant cognitive, anxiety and mood symptoms. Recent studies suggest that consuming probiotics may treat symptoms of depression with great success!

Best Probiotic For Gut Health

About Antidepressants

Antidepressants work by altering the brain’s neurotransmitter activity in order to improve these particular symptoms. However, there have been a number of exciting research studies in the past decade, which show a connection between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system, also known as the “gut-brain-axis”.

Furthermore, the studies indicate that there is communication between the human brain and the gut. Who’d have thought?! Advances in medicine have also found a link between psychiatric disorders and alterations in the microbiome (microorganisms in a particular environment, i.e. the gut).

The findings from these various research studies demonstrate that daily consumption of probiotic supplements (probiotic are very beneficial bacteria which help maintain a healthy digestive tract) could have a positive affect in improving one’s mood, cognitive and anxiety symptoms present in patients suffering from depression.

Therefore, it may not really be a question of which probiotics are best for you, rather, when will you begin taking probiotics? Plexus ProBio 5 has got you covered. Be sure to take a closer look. Probiotics are necessary!

Probiotic are basically live bacteria that reside in the intestinal lining

These microscopic creatures residing in our gut system produce the ability to interact and communicate with immune cells, intestinal cells and the neurons in the body to influence digestive health, immune health and overall well-being.

Which probiotics are best
The Best Probiotic For Gut Health

Most of these studies have also identified positive results on probiotic with no serious adverse effects reported so far. Therefore, probiotic may have the most significant effects on the symptoms of depression. The use of probiotic (Plexus ProBio 5) as an alternative treatment for relieving anxiety and other symptoms of depression may be the critical turning point towards management of this health disorder.

Probiotic are also helpful in recolonizing the gut with the ‘good’ bacteria, balancing the stomach’s PH, creating enzymes that destroy “bad” bacteria.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

This is a condition which often results when there is an imbalance between good bacteria and bad bacteria. So, you need to make sure that you get enough probiotic for the good of your gut health.

While antidepressant drugs such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have immediate psychological effects upon administration, therapeutic effects tend to take quite a long time to appear in those patients seeking relief from depression symptoms. Furthermore, antidepressants are associated with a number of side effects which often cause patients to stop using them; nausea, increased appetite, fatigue and/or drowsiness, insomnia, etc.

It’s important to note that our children are not immune to the same symptoms of depression. We have more information available if you’d like to learn about the effects of probiotics for kids.

The growing interest in gut health has revealed a close relation between mood, behavioral issues and bacteria imbalance. You may consider taking a high quality probiotic supplement which may help with depression, and promote a healthy gut environment!

Learn more about which probiotics are best for you, and how to improve gut health. Here is a downloadable PDF with more information about ProBio5

Also, please feel free to contact me for more information about this product (just a chat) Of course, you may visit the Plexus Website for more information as well. And don’t forget about the Plexus money back guarantee.


Probiotics For Kids benefits

As parents, we all know the importance of feeding our children a well-balanced nutritious diet. We are what we eat, so each one of us does their very best to feed their little ones the best food possible. And, we assume that this will ensure their physical and mental well-being. But, despite our very best efforts, getting our children to eat right can be a challenge.

We might be able to control what they eat at home, but we have little control over what they eat while at school, or when they are with their friends. Nowadays, we know that there are other ways we can assure the best nutrition for our children. We’re now discovering which probiotics are best for you in general, and the benefits of probiotics for kids.

The Necessity of Probiotics For Kid’s Benefits

We parents try to be extra vigilant as we keep a watchful eye over our kids, ensuring that they are getting everything they need for optimal health. However, an area many of us overlook is that of our children’s gut bacteria. It might seem like a strange concept, but it can really affect the quality of your child’s health. Each child is born with a unique mix of gut flora. These various types of bacteria – both the good and the bad kind – play important roles in their health and development.Probiotics For Kids

This brings us around to the importance of probiotic supplements—readily available supplements which promote the growth of healthy bacteria in our kids. Let’s dive in a bit deeper and take a look at why probiotics are important for our kids and which probiotics are best suited for the job.

Why Kids Need Probiotics

As mentioned, the gut contains both good and bad bacteria, but it’s the good bacteria that ultimately matters. Almost eighty percent of your children’s immune system capabilities reside in their gut, which is the primary reason for promoting a healthy level of the good bacteria. As you can imagine, this is most important in young people—who are still growing and coming into contact with new substances, bacteria, and potentially disease-causing pathogens every day. We can’t seal them in bubble-wrap, so our best bet is to ensure that they are equipped to fend off various threats with a strong immune system.

Here’s how probiotics for kids, ie supplements like Plexus XFactor Kids help do this:

The lining of a child’s gut is relatively permeable, meaning ‘foreign’ materials may pass through and enter the bloodstream. Here, they may cause various negative effects including allergic reactions. When we breastfeed our newborns, we’re actually transferring some protective bacteria to reinforce this thin barrier—which is why first milk (colostrum) is considered so important for early childhood development. Now, when we provide probiotic supplements to our children, we help support this barrier against potential threats and promote the growth of more beneficial bacteria.

Those never-ending tummy aches our little ones complain about may just be their body’s way of letting us know that their levels of good bacteria are running low. As a matter of fact, in infants, healthy gut bacteria levels have been proven to decrease the occurrence of common issues such as colic, gas, reflux, and diarrhea.

Aside from the major benefit of giving your kids supplements, probiotics for kids have additional positive effects, including;

  • Improved Metabolism: By helping promote a plentiful amount of healthy bacteria in your child’s gut, research shows that you will be giving them a better chance of healthy weight management levels throughout their lives. It’s always best to get a jump on these habits in order to make things easier down the road.
  • Help in Digestion and Nutrient Absorption: Certain foods require particular bacteria to break them down before children can absorb nutrients from them. By promoting the growth of useful bacteria we make this process as efficient as possible, making sure they get all they can from the food they eat.
  • Supporting Healthy Mental Development: You may have heard the gut referred to as our ‘second brain’… for good reason. There is a strong relationship between the state of our gut and our mental condition. Therefore, by ensuring our children’s gut condition is good (within the critical stages of early development), we promote healthy levels of brain growth.
  • Supporting Urinary Tract and Vaginal Health: In females, a healthy population of ‘good’ gut bacteria has an important role in ensuring the urinary tract and vaginal region are better equipped to flush out harmful elements.

Which Probiotics are Best for Our Kids?
It may seem like a tricky decision to make at first, but it shouldn’t be. Supplements like Plexus XFactor Kids create an essential combination of the most important and effective probiotics for our kids. But, at the very least, those shopping for probiotics should be aware of ones with these two bacteria strains:  Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. These two strains are naturally occurring in children and form the basis of their intestinal microflora. We single them out because of their long-term safety record in children and infants. Their natural occurrence, as well as their innate adaptation to gut conditions, make them very powerful. Take the time to learn which probiotics are best for you and your children. You won’t regret it.

Plexus XFactor probiotics for kids is a children’s formula comprising numerous beneficial bacteria strains designed to provide the very best gut conditions possible. These are forms of good bacteria which are both bile-resistant and acid-resistant. This means that they will survive hostile stomach conditions in order to reach your kid’s intestines—where they can do the greatest good.

One Final Word

Probiotics For Kids

It goes without saying that we all want the very best for our kids, and one great way of achieving this goal is by providing them with the probiotic their body needs. A child who gets enough probiotic at an early developmental age will increase the likelihood of optimal health throughout his or her life. The benefits they acquire from supplements, such as Plexus XFactor Kids, will not only improve their well-being right away, but follow them well into adulthood. That’s the type of investment worth making!

Don’t forget that checking out the probiotics for adults section might not be such a bad idea for some of us grown-ups as well. And… don’t forget about the Plexus money back guarantee! What do you have to lose?

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Plexus XFactor Kids™

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Plexus VitalBiome™

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